Pop Colour in your Photographs

Quick tutorial to show how to pop the colour out of you photographs to make a bit more of a piece of art work rather than a flat image using photoshop

Step 1 : Add an adjustment layer Hue/Saturation

Step 2 : Move the saturation slider all the way to the left. This will tun the image black and white.

Step 3 : Use the brush tool with the colour set to black and paint over the areas where you want the colour to show.

Step 4 : If you make a mistake you can change the colour back to white and paint over the area you want to be black and white.

Competition Time

I have decided to have a competition for all you young photographers at home. You can use any camera you have from a smart phone to the latest tech and everything in between. All you have to do is send three photographs (and say which one you love the best) to ant@anthonylewisphotography.co.uk. The Theme for all the photographs is “At Home”. So be as creative as you can a pet, a plant in the garden, a simple kettle, or a cup of tea.

In you email tell me your name and your age.

There is a whole world of opportunity in your house just waiting to be found. Let your inner photographer find it. The winner from each age group will win a framed print of your photograph as soon as we are all back to normal. The age groups are: – Ages 4 -7 Ages 8 – 11 Ages 12 – 14 Ages 15 – 18 You have one week to submit your entry and I will announce a winner on Monday 30th March. Happy Snapping!!!!!!!!!